Wrinkles & Pores

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What are wrinkles & pores?

Wrinkles aren’t all bad. It is the natural occurrence of lines on certain areas of the face where the skin folds such as smiling, forehead creases and etc. The wrinkles are also defined as ridges or creases which cause the skin to lose aged or saggy.

The pores are the appearance of tiny holes on the skin superficially and are often caused by exposure to sun or extensive use of makeup. Lack of skin care regimen may also lead to unclean skin that stretches out pores causing them more visible.

What causes wrinkles or pores on face?

A naturally occurring phenomenon, wrinkles are majorly caused due to the process of aging as collagen production decreases and skin cell turnover decreases as well. But this may not be the only reason for wrinkles, it also includes exposure to the sun, dehydration and lack of proper skin care and diet.

All these factors affect the health of the skin and cause wrinkles and pores. While the pores cannot be completely removed, they’re muscular openings and can be diminished only. The occurrence of both causes the skin to look saggy and unhealthy.

How we help you get rid of wrinkles and pores?

At Premium Clinic, we offer a range of laser treatments to help you reduce wrinkles and pores. MicroneedlingRadio FrequencyCo2 fractional and Botox & Fillers are highly effective treatments to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and even out pigmentation.

All these treatments deliver visible results in just a few weeks – with minimal downtime or side effects. Our laser treatments are approved by FDA and have provided satisfying results to the customers.

Marc 30-year-old graphic designer by day, aspiring musician by night

Wonderful skin clinic! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Slim, he is professional, has a lot of knowledge, and has a lovely personality! He really cares about his clients. Regarding the price, it is reasonable. I will definitely make it a routine to visit here for my skincare.

Iva 24-year-old pre-med student with a secret passion for baking

Once again it was a pleasure being looked after by receptionist really nice person and afterwards the consultant was very patient and polite. He Explained me everything really well.

Russell 52-year-old veteran firefighter and father of two teenagers

Thanks to Premium Clinic, I finally feel like I'm catching up to how young I feel on the inside! I turned 52 this year and decided to treat myself to their Magic Skin Lifting Package. Dr. Reza was amazing at explaining the procedure and making sure I felt comfortable throughout.

William 65-year-old retired history teacher with a lifelong love of reading

Excellent environment Very competent staff. I felt comfortable and well informed great service got exactly what we needed very helpful assistants

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