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What Is postpartum depression?

Motherhood brings with it tons of challenges and emotions. The shift to motherhood also brings a lot of insecurity and fears that cause a stir of thoughts in the mind. Postpartum depression comes after the birth of the child and often goes unacknowledged. This further escalates the problem.

Postpartum depression is when a new mother begins to feel helpless and insecure about her mothering skills, her ability to provide for the body and the many changes in her physical body. Postpartum is difficult to go through unsupported and often leads to great harm for both mother and the baby.

What are the causes of postpartum depression?

The most fundamental factor or cause of postpartum depression is a lack of acknowledgment of the efforts, pain and process the mother has gone through. The loss of identity and a vulnerable human to take care of further adds to the wild thoughts.

A mother is deprived of sleep and rest while the body is in pain. It is important to extend support to a new mother at a time like the most vulnerable time for her mental health.

How can we help you resolve postpartum issues?

EmSlim treatment opens the gateway to treating your postpartum depression. Being therapeutic in nature, the procedure is harmless and leaves no scar. It is a process that induces in-depth muscle contractions that aid in relaxing the body overall. The experience overall has helped many mothers to regain their physical strength as well as confidence back again as it also aids in body shaping. Our satisfied customers have always been the backbone of our clinic and we take pride in providing FDA approved services by trained experts.

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Once again it was a pleasure being looked after by receptionist really nice person and afterwards the consultant was very patient and polite. He Explained me everything really well.

Russell 52-year-old veteran firefighter and father of two teenagers

Thanks to Premium Clinic, I finally feel like I'm catching up to how young I feel on the inside! I turned 52 this year and decided to treat myself to their Magic Skin Lifting Package. Dr. Reza was amazing at explaining the procedure and making sure I felt comfortable throughout.

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Excellent environment Very competent staff. I felt comfortable and well informed great service got exactly what we needed very helpful assistants

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