Over Weight

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How being overweight can get you in trouble?

A natural body has muscle, fat and bones. As long as all these are in balance, the human body is at its best performance. But when the fat component increases by a certain level then the body may be categorized as obese or overweight. In such a situation, an individual suffers physically as well as mentally. Health can take a toll and one may begin to suffer from diabetes, heart disease or even stroke in extreme cases. Obesity itself is a disease and needs to be catered to before it leaves an impact.

How do we help you lose weight?

Losing weight in the form of fat loss is a healthy approach and mindset and paves way for better body performance. It is necessary that the weight of the human body does not become a burden on the bones. The process of losing weight does not have to be tiring or difficult to manage.

We offer laser therapies to assist you in losing weight from the adamant and hard areas of your body. Our treatments have provided relief to many of our esteemed customers and we ensure satisfying quality for our customers.

How much weight can you lose with laser therapy?

The body of every individual varies from person to person and the impact of laser therapy does so accordingly as well. It is important to understand that laser therapy is not to be kept as an alternative to workouts and physical exercise. The amount of weight you can lose with laser therapy is subjective to the body type that you have and the area which you wish to reduce. But you may expect your body to shed around 25 pounds. However, it depends on the fat distribution of your body.

Marc 30-year-old graphic designer by day, aspiring musician by night

Wonderful skin clinic! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Slim, he is professional, has a lot of knowledge, and has a lovely personality! He really cares about his clients. Regarding the price, it is reasonable. I will definitely make it a routine to visit here for my skincare.

Iva 24-year-old pre-med student with a secret passion for baking

Once again it was a pleasure being looked after by receptionist really nice person and afterwards the consultant was very patient and polite. He Explained me everything really well.

Russell 52-year-old veteran firefighter and father of two teenagers

Thanks to Premium Clinic, I finally feel like I'm catching up to how young I feel on the inside! I turned 52 this year and decided to treat myself to their Magic Skin Lifting Package. Dr. Reza was amazing at explaining the procedure and making sure I felt comfortable throughout.

William 65-year-old retired history teacher with a lifelong love of reading

Excellent environment Very competent staff. I felt comfortable and well informed great service got exactly what we needed very helpful assistants

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