Summer Hyperpigmentation Removal with Picosure

Laser – The UltimateSolution for Sun Dark Spots:

After spending a long time outdoors in summer, soaking upthe warm sun, it’s now time to revitalize your skin. One of the biggestchallenges is to get rid of sun darkspots. No matter how much foundation and concealer you apply, they justwon’t disappear.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting hyperpigmentationremoval technique, try PicoSure laser. It’s a cost-effective method to get rid of hyperpigmentation spots on theface in a short time, without excess skin damage.


Let’s go overPicoSure hyperpigmentation and melasma treatment, what happens during thisprocess, and what can you expect after the procedure.

Why does your skin get darker in the summer?

Prolonged exposure to UV sun rays can be seriously harmfulto your facial skin. Melanin is responsible for providing color to your skin.But if you absorb extra UV rays, melanin production increases.


This often leads to dark brown or grey patches on certainparts of your face including forehead, mouth, cheeks, nose, and chin. You mightalso observe sunburnt spots on your hands and feet if they are not covered whenyou’re outdoors. This condition is known as sun dark spots, summer hyperpigmentation,or melasma.


Yet another popular sun damage is liver spots, medicallyknown as solar lentigines. It’s more common in aged people. Hyperpigmentationcan occur in any country or climate but is more noticeable if you have a lightskin tone.

How to remove sun dark spots?

People usually want to getrid of hyperpigmentation spots fast after extreme summer weather. There areseveral techniques of removinghyperpigmentation including home remedies. However, nothing is as effectiveas laser for hyperpigmentation removal.


Following are some ways of getting rid of dark sunspots on the face:


●    Laser treatment: Picosure laser at Dr. Slim Clinic is one of the most widelyapplied cosmetic treatments for fasthyperpigmentation removal. The process involves the penetration of laserbeams to help sunspots disappear for good. Many people are happy with theoutcomes and benefit from the minimally invasive PicoSure with no side effects.


●    Medications: Many OTC drugs are available to reduce the darksunburn marks on the skin. They contain Vitamin C, retinoids, and othercompounds that help with hyperpigmentation fading. But this is not a quick wayto remove sunburn marks.


●    Masks: Peel off facial masks with kojic, licorice, Vitamin C, andazelaic acid have also shown good results for removing hyperpigmentation spots from the sun.


●    Cryotherapy: Some experts prefer using liquid nitrogen or nitrousoxide for the removal ofhyperpigmentation in just a few minutes. It does cause some blisters butthey’ll disappear in a few days.


●    Home remedies: Apple cider vinegar, citrus juice, yogurt, greentea, aloe vera, turmeric, and papaya pulp are some popular ways to even outyour skin tone and get rid ofpigmentation spots. Keep in mind though that they will take time to showresults.

What is a PicoSure laser?

Post-summer sun darkspots on the face can seriously affect your confidence and self-esteem. Toprevent this, doctors recommend PicoSurehyperpigmentation removal. This is a rapid procedure to get rid of hyperpigmentation fast bystimulating deep skin layers to produce elastin and make your skin appearsofter.


It involves sending short bursts of a laser beam to the deeplayers of the dermis and breaking away the targeted regions. Don’t worry – thelaser rays are heatless and won’t burn off the skin!


If you have stubborn wrinkles, sunburn marks, or seriouscases of melasma, PicoSure laser isperfect for you. It is a remarkable process that prevents quick skin aging andbeautifies the skin damaged by the sun,and even reduces acne spots.

Is PicoSure laser good for dark sunspots?

Picosurehyperpigmentation removal works in miraculous ways by targeting deep skincollagen regrowth. As a result, the dark spots disappear and are replaced by arejuvenated look. You will notice a significant change in the texture and colorof your skin tone after PicoSure melasmatreatment.

Is PicoSure laser safe for hyperpigmentationremoval?


Conventional hyperpigmentationlasers showed little to no effect in removingdark sunspots and had various side effects.


On the other hand, PicoSure laserat Dr. Slim Clinic has gained immense popularity within a short time because ofthe guaranteed safety. It’s one of the most straightforward ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation fast withoutcausing adverse reactions.


The non-invasive technique reduces melanin production effectively andretains your original tone. Unlike the original QS laser systems, PicoSure laser has no side effects like rebound hyperpigmentation in people withdark skin color.

What can I expect after the PicoSure laser?

After your PicoSurehyperpigmentation removal procedure, you might experience some redness,itching, swelling, and a few signs of bruising, similar to sunburn spots. However, they are temporary marks and will disappearshortly.


You may want to avoid using harsh chemicals on the skin fora while. Avoid direct sunlight as well. Your dermatologist might advise certaincreams with added retinoids and Vitamin C compounds to enhance the faciallooks.

How many PicoSure treatments are needed formelasma?

You may need at least three to four sessions of PicoSure hyperpigmentation removal atPremium Laser Clinic. Every session will take about 15 minutes. You’llgenerally be called after a month between each session, to give your skin ampletime to heal and show reduced melasmapigmentation.

How long does it take to heal from PicoSure?

After the PicoSurelaser treatment, you might notice swelling or redness. It will go awaywithin three to four hours. Also, the results are long-lasting. Hyperpigmentation removal from lasers oftenlasts for about six months before the reappearance of dark sunspots or melasma. Healing usually takes about two weeks.


So are you ready to regain your original skin beauty? Let’sdiscuss your options by giving us a call at Dr. SlimClinic and talking to one of our experts. We’ll offer a consultationof the skin first and then recommend the best line of action for hyperpigmentation removal from PicoSure.

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