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Toronto Mesotherapy Specialist

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment involving injections of vitamins and other substances to improve skin quality.

Our Techniques of Mesotherapy Treatment

Intra epidermal technique at the depth of the (1 mm) placing small quantities of the medicine within the epidermis. It’s simple painless and there is no bleeding. This technique is useful for patients with low pain thresholds and it is ideal for facial rejuvenation.

Papular technique involves injecting the medicine at the dermoepidermal junction with a depth of (2 mm). It is beneficial for the treatment of wrinkles and hair loss. This is the technique used for the mesobotox.

Nappage: Here injections are given at a depth of 2-4mm at an angle of 30-60. It’s used mainly on the scalp in the treatment of cellulite.

Point by point: this technique is a precise single angle at the depth of the (4 mm) into the deep dermis. It’s used mainly for fat reduction.

What is a Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique which involves microinjections of plant extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and other-based substances into the mesoderm (middle layer) of the skin to promote healing treatment to a specific area of the body. Mesotherapy was invented by the Frenchman by Dr Micheal Pastor in 1958. Later the French National Academy of Medicine officially acknowledged mesotherapy as a medical specialty. In the meantime, mesotherapy became popular in most parts of Europe and South America and, more recently, in the United States and Asian countries.

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How Does Mesotherapy Work for Facial Rejuvention?

Mesotherapy aims to enhance and slow down skin aging. This procedure involves injecting small quantities of hyaluronic acids, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and humectants directly into the layer beneath the skin’s surface. This helps stimulate fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin while creating a favorable environment for these cells to work their magic. Most Topical creams are limited due to the poor penetrations of the ingredients. While Mesotherapy injections or mesogun (shallow 1-4mm injections) effectively deliver medication directly to areas that need it.

Premium Clinic Effectively Performs Mesotherapy Treatment

Our practitioner will apply a topical anesthetic on the areas that are to be treated. This, however, depends on your pain tolerance levels. Our Surgeon uses a meso gun to inject the cocktail ingredients into the target area. You will receive a series of injections. The injections are delivered at different depths of around 1 to 4 millimeters into your skin. This again, depends on the skin issue you have. Depending on the skin issue, its intensity, and the effects, you might need several mesotherapy sessions. After the treatment, Dr Reza will guide you on exactly how many sessions per week you might need to get the desired results.

At Premium Clinic, we prioritize patient satisfaction. It’s important for every individual undergoing mesotherapy to be aware that experiencing itching, bruising, soreness, a burning sensation, and swelling at the injection site is a normal response and indicates that the treatment is effective. We take the time to provide a brief explanation to our patients. Following the procedure, we apply ice packs to the treated area to enhance numbness and reduce post-procedure swelling. Additionally, to alleviate any burning sensation, we apply topical lidocaine one hour before the procedure. Afterwards, we apply loose-fitting clothing for comfort.

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Benefits of Mesotherapy Treatment

Your skin gets a high concentration of vitamins and other ingredients: The high concentration serums, vitamins, and other nutritious blends of potent ingredients make your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When done correctly, mesotherapy ensures that the products are delivered to your skin properly.

It can be an alternative to expensive surgeries: It can be a part of your anti-aging skin routine and is less invasive than other procedures and plastic surgeries. You do not need to go under the knife to look better. The concentrated serums are delivered to your skin using needles. And you get natural-looking, Healthy skin, also. There is no downtime.

Gives Your Skin an Energy Boost: Whether you are looking for an anti-aging solution or want to boost the radiance of your skin, will get customized ingredients for your skin. The skin gets an energy boost, and you can see visible results right after the first session.

It brightens your skin: Depending on the ingredients, Mesotherapy can address skin issues, such as age spots, pigmentation and melisma. It can brighten up your face and even out your skin tone.

It keeps your skin hydrated: Mesotherapy can also help in boosting the skin’s moisture content and make it appear plump, firm, and healthy.

How Often Should You Do Mesotherapy For Skin Rejuvenation?

A series of 4 to 8 treatments is recommended, one to three weeks apart. The exact number of procedures depends on the condition of your skin and your personal preferences and expectations. You will see an instant enhancement in the appearance of the skin after the first mesotherapy application, and this will continue to improve as the deep tissue structures are reorganized and strengthened.

How Long Do Mesotherapy Results Last?

The results of mesotherapy are typically long-lasting, but the exact duration will vary depending on the individual and the condition being treated. For example, patients who are treating cellulite may need more frequent sessions to maintain their results. According to a 2019 study published in the journal Dermatology and Therapy, the average duration of mesotherapy results is 12-18 months. However, some patients may experience results that last up to 2 years. To prolong the results of mesotherapy, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle, including eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. It is also important to avoid sun exposure and smoking.

Does Mesotherapy Treatment Hurt?

The pain associated with mesotherapy is typically mild and brief. Most patients experience a slight stinging or prickling sensation when the needle is inserted. The pain may be more pronounced in sensitive areas, such as the face and neck. To minimize discomfort, our professionals may use a topical anesthetic cream or ice pack before the procedure. They may also inject the solution slowly and gently. After the procedure, patients may experience some bruising, redness, and swelling at the injection sites. These side effects are usually mild and resolve on their own within a few days. In general, mesotherapy is a well-tolerated procedure with a low risk of side effects. However, it is important to note that everyone experiences pain differently. Some patients may find mesotherapy to be more painful than others.

What are the Side Effects of the Mesotherapy Treatment?

Pain and burning: The injections used in mesotherapy can cause some irritation to the skin. A topical anesthetic can be applied before the treatment to ensure minimal discomfort. There might be mild burning sensation following the injection as therapeutic enter the body. This feeling is typically fleeting. Any residual soreness usually disappears within a day or two. Bruising and swelling: According to, the side effects of mesotherapy are generally mild. The most frequent reaction is bruising or swelling at the injection sites. Tiny bumps can also from. These irritations usually clear within two weeks. To accelerate the rate of healing, a homeopathic supplement called arnica can be applied topically or taken orally. Some patients experience a minor itch that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days completion of the treatment.