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Steps In OPENING A Clinic

Premium Clinic is Canada’s first and only global cosmetic business accelerator. We provide entrepreneurs with access to our expert team of advisors, equipment, resources, and industry partners to launch successful cosmetics businesses. Since 2005, we’ve helped more than 180 entrepreneurs from over 40 cities grow their businesses.


Submit an Application

Interested individuals can submit an application to Premium Clinic. The applicant must have a qualifying diagnosis, which is determined by our experts.


Application Approval

After the application is completed, the interested party will receive a consultation request from Premium Clinic within 72 hours.


Contract Kick-Off Meeting

If you seem to be an appropriate candidate, we will provide you with an opportunity to speak with our team members online.


Contract Compliance

Upon application approval, the candidate will sign a non-disclosure agreement with Premium Clinic and provided with a description of Franchise Disclosure document for review.



A policy of due consideration’s 14-day requirement is consulted before signing up any agreements. This ensures the franchisee has the opportunity to make full evaluations before the firm makes decision about signing the franchise agreement.
➢ For foreign applicants, we will seek a work permit and a visa.
➢ For uncertified candidates, we will set up a training program.


Franchise Fee

Once the franchise agreement has been signed, the franchise fee has to be deposited to Premium Clinic.


Finance Security

The franchisee begins to secure financing.


Selection of Location

Desired locations are submitted by the Franchiser and once a location is finalized, the franchisee will negotiate a lease.


Training And Development

Basic training coaching is provided to franchisees to help them set up, operate, and manage the business.


Start Off

Get started with your own Franchise!

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