How Rhinoplasty Surgery Is Beneficial for Better Breathing?


Many individuals considering rhinoplasty do so not just for aesthetic reasons, but due to persistent breathing problems. Experiencing breathing difficulties can be distressing, affecting daily activities and even limiting physical endeavors. In some instances, it may pose long-term health risks. But when does one determine if these issues require surgical intervention? This article steps into the various symptoms, causes, and the potential of functional rhinoplasty as a solution. Remember, if these problems persist or seem severe, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical advice.

Symptoms of Breathing Difficulties

While some might believe all breathing issues are similar, the reality is that problems stemming from our nasal passages and sinuses can manifest in diverse ways. Recognizing these symptoms is the first step to seeking appropriate care.

Common indicators include persistent nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing through one or both nostrils, and a diminished sense of smell and taste. Surprisingly, some breathing challenges may go unnoticed, leading to unconscious mouth breathing, which further results in dry mouth and chronic bad breath.

In more severe cases, individuals might experience frequent nosebleeds, regular sinus infections, intense sinus pressure, and related headaches. One alarming consequence of these difficulties is sleep apnea, which disrupts the flow of breath during sleep.

Causes of Breathing Difficulties

Persistent breathing problems may be caused by recurrent sinus infections, which is why a primary care physician should be consulted first.

And if it can be treated through medication or requires a second medication opinion from the surgeon. You can consult with Dr Reza for rhinoplasty treatment, process and its benefits.

However, recurring sinus issues might signal underlying problems. For instance, nasal polyps, benign growths in the sinuses, can obstruct airflow and intensify infections. These polyps necessitate surgical intervention for removal.

Allergies are another common problem. They cause persistent inflammation inside the nasal passages, thereby complicating breathing.

Yet, often, the root cause lies in the very structure of the nose. Narrow nasal passages inherently restrict airflow. A deviated septum, where the cartilage separating the nasal passages is misaligned, is another significant contributor to breathing issues. Such issues might arise from genetic factors, injuries, or even a previously mishandled rhinoplasty. In such scenarios, revision rhinoplasty becomes crucial.

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Resolving Deviated Septums and More

For those grappling with a deviated septum, breathing challenges post-injury, or inherently narrow nasal passages, functional rhinoplasty emerges as a promising solution. What’s noteworthy is that such a surgery can be combined with aesthetic rhinoplasty. This dual approach not only rectifies breathing issues but also enhances the nose’s external appearance.

At Premium Clinic, our team of cosmetic surgeons brings years of expertise in functional rhinoplasties. Those curious about rhinoplasty in Toronto, or seeking clarity on recovery stages post-surgery, are encouraged to reach out. Our commitment is to address your queries and ensure you’re well-informed about any rhinoplasty type.


In conclusion, breathing issues should never be ignored. Recognizing the symptoms, understanding the underlying causes, and exploring surgical solutions like functional rhinoplasty can greatly enhance one’s quality of life. Always prioritize your health and consult trusted medical professionals at Premium Clinic for guidance.

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